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Dream Casseet

by Joel Miller

Blue Times 02:46
Blue Times music by Joel Miller, Lyrics by Sienna Dahlen Take my hand don't let me walk alone, had enough of these blue times I've been searching on my own too long Your creations resonate with me, had enough of these blue times Opening like a book read between the lines! I've been down you've been down we've been up they've been down too I've been up you've been down we've been up they've been down too Da da da da dat dat da da da, had enough of these blue times These cold times, these blue times...
Warm Lake music by Joel Miller, Lyrics by Sienna Dahlen The winds are changin' I do not recognize Your voice Your face Your touch upon nightfall Alone we stand Where we bathed together In a warm lake The winter wind sings A bold yet trembling air The chill of which We bare We share We bare We share
Flying Dream 04:33
Warm Lake 04:22
Ole le Ole Ole Music by Joel Miller, Lyrics by Sienna Dahlen No three-letter word can capture this much Ole!
Corey Heart 03:44
Corey Heart music by Joel Miller Lyrics by Sienna Dahlen. When I was thirteen Singin' was my dream Wanted to be Corry Heart I would sit and stare At his spiky hair Thought he was the coolest thing I'd put on my shades Turn down all the lights Make believe that I was a boy A boy in a box I'd feel sorry for me Then I'd strike a sneer Wipe away my tears Tell myself to never Surrender I covered my walls Floor to ceiling tall With posters of my true love He'd follow my eyes We were mesmerized Time was always standing still I knew all his songs Like they were my own Gave them everything in my heart Sung 'em till I dropped Wore out every cassette My parents were scared Cleary unprepared So for Christmas I got Glass tiger
Streamlined 03:06
Streamlined Music by Joel Miller, Lyrics by Sienna Dahlen Sunshine carefree kind of day Streamlined skater on display He never stops to question where he’s going The light melts into night then steals away
Pachamama 03:42
Pachamama Joel Miller Chakana. Pachamama. Chakana. Will we ever be able to say that we are really a part of what’s sacred? By simply breathing you are exchanging a part of what’s sacred. Pachamama.
Ta Da! 02:45
Slow Steps 04:33
Slow Steps Music by Joel Miller, Lyrics by Sienna Dahlen Left foot in front of the right Alternating Shifting the weight so gingerly We could all learn something Watching a worm climb Up a tree Pause for a moment For moments don't last Feel the grass under your feet (It's cool and soft) Empty your thoughts You'll lighten the load Now step out in style (but) Take it slow (Take it super slow) Super slow (Take it super slow)
Tantramar 02:29


Following up on his Juno Award-winning 2013 quartet recording, "Swim," Montreal saxophonist Joel Miller teams up with vocalist and lyricist Sienna Dahlen for "Dream Cassette," where they pursue their own vision of what a "pop" album can be. Inspired by the melodic simplicity and emotional depth of American folk music, Miller marries his flawless technique and boundless sense of musical adventure with a desire for his music to connect with people. His free-spirited eclecticism has already been lauded by Downbeat magazine for "illustrating the cross-pollination emblematic of the Montreal jazz community," and by trumpeter Dave Douglas, calling Miller "a breath of fresh air and one of the great pleasures of the Montreal scene."


released April 15, 2016

Joel Miller - saxophones, voice, piano, acoustic guitar, tanbura, percussion 

Sienna Dahlen - voice 

David Carbonneau - trumpet 

Dave Grott - trombone 

Francois Jalbert - electric guitar 

Jordey Tucker - electric & acoustic guitars 

Daniel Thouin - piano, keyboards (5) 

Simon Pagé - electric bass 

Fraser Hollins - electric bass (5,7) 

Kevin Warren - drums, percussion 

Shawn Mativetsky - tabla, Dhol (3,5) 

Amelia McMahon - voice (8)

All music composed by Joel Miller, lyrics by Sienna Dahlen (SOCAN), 
except: (3,8,9,11,12) by Joel Miller

Produced by Paul Johnston and Joel Miller 

Recorded by Pascal Shefteshy, Paul Johnston, Kevin Warren 
at Studio Pierre Marchand, Canada 
December 10-12, 2014 

Mixed by Paul Johnston, Kevin Warren, Padraig Buttner-Schnirer 
at Paul Johnston Studio 

Mastered by Guy Hébert at Karsima Studio 

Photography by Randy Cole photography 

Cara Lessard Cole artwork 

Andrew Miller photo of Isaac Miller 

Cover Design & Layout by John Bishop.


all rights reserved



Joel Miller Montreal, Québec

Saxophonist-composer Joel Miller has built an award-winning career developing an individual voice that incorporates the folk and pop music of his youth with more recent explorations into Afro-Latin and contemporary classical music. This has led him to be a perennial figure in radio charts and Best Of lists; trumpeter Dave Douglas calls Miller “one of the great pleasures of the Montreal scene.” ... more

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